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The Coach Lab offers a range of packages to help support your journey through the LTA Coaching Qualifications whilst at university.  We recognise the opportunity to move from Assistant, Instructor and Coach in a local environment will not only help you to become more qualified and bolster your CV but to gain qualifications are that are useable whist you are at university.

Ok sounds interesting so what’s the deal?????


Well first of all we have access to LTA grants for Females, Ethnic Minorities so you may qualify for some financial support already


LTA Level Assistant:

Normal Price £275 - £50 student discount -  Now £225


LTA Level 2 Instructor:


Package 1 - Ultimate 

  • Core Training £450

  • Elective £50

  • First aid £95


Ultimate Package price £595 -£95 Discount - Now £500


Package 2 - Pro

  • Core Training £450

  • Elective £50


Professional Package price £500 - £75 Discount - Now £425

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